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1981   東京都生まれ

2005  同志社大学経済学部卒業

2007  写真表現大学修了

2008 「第1回塩竈フォトフェスティバル写真賞」大賞受賞

2013 「御苗場vol.13関西 エプソン賞」受賞

2014 「in)(between. ShaShin Book Award 2014」優秀賞受賞




2017 「empathize」The Third Gallery Aya:大阪

2014 「empathize」The Third Gallery Aya:大阪

2013 「藤安淳展”empathize@Fundokin Apartment in OITA”」フンドーキンマンション:大分

2012 「empathize」The Third Gallery Aya:大阪

2009 「34」The Third Gallery Aya:大阪

2009 「DZ dizygotic twins」塩竈フォトフェスティバル2009:宮城

2009 「DZ dizygotic twins」ギャラリーPIPPO:東京

2008 「DZ dizygotic twins」彩都メディア図書館:大阪

2007 「DZ dizygotic twins」Gallery H.O.T:大阪



2016 「the Grand Prize Winners of ShaShin Book Award in Paris」Lumen gallery : 京都

2016 「I Only Have Eyes For You」中之島バンクス de sign de > : 大阪

2106 「Satelite824」gallery make : 京都

2015 「the Grand Prize Winners of ShaShin Book Award in Paris」tokyoarts  gallery : 東京

2015 「Portraits」The Third Gallery Aya:大阪

2015 「timelake -時間の湖-」KUNST ARZT/新風館 : 京都

2015 「record vol.14《Shashin Book Award 2014》」in)(between gallery : パリ


2014 「PHOTO Off 2014」: パリ

2014 「AOSANDO ART FAIR 2014」: 東京

2014 「neo 824」The Third Gallery Aya:大阪

2013 「viewing-写真家とポートフォリオ-+鋭漂」塩竈フォトフェスティバル2013:宮城

2013 「御苗場vol.13関西」京セラドーム大阪スカイホール:大阪

2012 「第3回ディベロッピング展」海岸通ギャラリー・CASO:大阪



2008 DZ dizygotic twins(塩竈フォトフェスティバル写真賞大賞による副賞として)


1981  Born in Tokyo.

2005 Graduated from the economics department at Doshisha University.

2007 Completed a course at Shashin Hyogen Daigaku (School of Photographic Expression).

Currently living in Osaka.



2008 Won the grand prize in the Shiogama Photo Festival Award.

2013 Won the prize of Epson for Onaeba vol.13

2014 Won the prize for in)(between. ShaShin Book Award 2014



2017 "empathize", The Third Gallery Aya, Osaka

2014 "empathize", The Third Gallery Aya, Osaka

2013 "empathize @ Fundokin Apartment in Oita", Fundokin Apartment, Oita

2012 "empathize", The Third Gallery Aya, Osaka

2009 "34", The Third Gallery Aya, Osaka

2009 "DZ dizygotic twins", Shiogama Photo Festival 2009, Miyagi

2009 "DZ dizygotic twins", Gallery Pippo, Tokyo

2008 "DZ dizygotic twins", Saito Media Library, Osaka

2007 "DZ dizygotic twins", Gallery H.O.T, Osaka



2016 "the Grand Prize Winners of ShaShin Book Award in Paris", Lumen gallery, Kyoto

2016 "I Only Have Eyes For You" the NAKANOSHIMA BANKS ", de sign de >", Osaka

2106 "Satelite824", gallery make, Kyoto

2015 "the Grand Prize Winners of ShaShin Book Award in Paris", tokyoarts  gallery, Tokyo

2015 「Portraits」The Third Gallery Aya:Osaka

2015 "timelake", KUNST ARZT/SHIN-PUH-KAN, Kyoto

2015 "record vol.14", in)(between gallery, Paris

2015 "PHaT PHOTO'S NEW PHOTOGRAPHERS", 72 Gallery, Tokyo

2014 "PHOTO Off 2014", Paris

2014 "AOSANDO ART FAIR 2014", Tokyo

2014 "neo 824", The Third Gallery Aya, Osaka

2013 "viewing -photographers and portfolio-+EIHYO", Shiogama Photo Festival 2013, Miyagi

2013 "Onaeba vol.13", KYOCERA DOME OSAKA SKY HALL, Osaka

2012 "Developing Photo Exhibition Vol. 3", Contemporary Art Space Osaka, Osaka



2008 "DZ dizygotic twins"